The covers, made for sports facilities, above all but in general for any type of cover, can be equipped with a heating and destratification system. It is known that the heat, going up to the top, will remain if it is not pushed by an external force down. In this regard, in order to allow for the distribution and destratification of the air circulating internally, a tubular dual coated membrane PVC with a high-tenacity, self-extinguishing and incombustible (similar to the PVC coating membrane) textured insert is made, suitably fixed and fixed by cable steel and tensioners, called “destratifier”. The PVC fabric used because of its tensile strength is able to withstand the stresses that are produced by the air that is pushed inside and that radiates into the environment through holes that are practiced throughout its length. The inductive effect makes it possible to move, thanks to the electric fan, a much greater air volume than the flow rate of the same, with the following...

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