Heat pump solar double bottom DHW tank With high performance heat exchangers ... Inside enamelled tank for central domestic hot water systems, upper heat exchanger with special oversized surface for best heat pump or condensing boiler performance; solar systems can be connected to the second bottom heat exchanger, prepared for auxiliary heating by an electrical element. Available standard sizes 350 and 500 litres. EXTRA-BIG HEAT EXCHANGE SURFACE The use of modern heat pumps in combination with our high performance solar collectors has been a challenge for our constructing engineers. The sophisticated technology guarantees highest gains. Heat pump application: the heat pump can achieve the best energy performance due to the huge double register in the upper area of the tank. The heat exchanger surfaces are more than sufficient to achieve an adequate coefficient of performance even for the preparation of DHW. Solar application: the lower tank area consists of a special heat exchanger with additional exchanger surface in the tank’s double bottom. This bottom integrates the usually idle tank area underneath the heat exchanger into the solar heat zone. The solar return line is the lowest connection of the tank. Thus, the DHW is completely heated up to the bottom which guarantees ideal heat efficiency. Due to its special design the Solarbayer heat pump tank provides for a continuous output and best quality drinking water. Furthermore, the operating costs of the heat pumps are kept low. The heat pump solar DHW tank offers many advantages for the condensing technology as well. The burner operating time is going to be elongated due to the bigger refueling capacity and at the same time the burner starts are decreased. Condensing boilers prefer low return line temperatures. The enormously vast refueling heat exchanger increases the ΔT between boiler flow line and boiler return line and therefore enables a high boiler efficiency factor. Take advantage of these benefits double heat exchanger register for the heat pump plain tube solar heat exchanger double tank bottom for highest heat transmission of your solar system perfectly suitable for condensing technology due to the vast upper heat exchanger surface this tank is a high performance DHW tank due to the enormous power of the upper heat exchanger, it even meets the demands of multi-family houses high quality steel S235JR (thick walled, compression proof) internal corrosion protection with double enameling (Made in Germany), two magnesia anodes rigid foam PU insulation, non-removable, insulation protection approx. 50 mm, silver PVC jacket, fire protection classification: B2 installation of electric heating element is possible

Product features

nominal capacity approx. L 378
height with insulation [A] mm 1590
tilted height mm 1765
diameter (incl. non-removable solid foam insulation) [C] mm 750
insulation thickness mm 50
weight kg 200
max. operating pressure bar 10
max. operating temperature °C 95
max. size of electric heating element (optional) kW 6
[10] solar flow (Rp 1″) mm 405
[11] solar sensor (Rp ½″) mm 290
[12] cold water (Rp 1 ¼″) mm 190
[13] solar return (Rp 1″) mm 100

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