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Hygienic stratification buffer HSK-SLS  - SOLARBAYER GMBH


Hygienic stratification buffer tank HSK-SLS The HSK exclusive version ... Heating buffer tank with integrated big stainless steel corrugated tube for legionella safe preparation of DHW, with large dimensioned oval tube heat exchangers. The area of application ranges from single-family houses to hotels and industrial buildings. Available standard sizes 500, 800, 1000, 1250, 1500 und 2200 litres, each type with one stainless steel heat exchanger and two solar heat exchangers. The HSK exclusive version - highest efficiency of solar input and tap water output. With patented thermo-hydraulic stratification system SLS® - unique in its category! Hygienic preparation of DHW and heating efficiently due to SLS® system The hygienic stratification buffer tank HSK-SLS, with integrated Spiro-HT-stainless steel DHW heat exchanger, is perfectly suitable for the preparation of hygienic tap hot water. You will achieve excellent performance values due to the Spiro-HT-technology, which qualifies the tank for either high performance or heat pump installations. It also qualifies for the integration of versatile heat sources with its patented thermo-hydraulic stratification system SLS®. The heat management can be realized with very low control effort due to its exact stratification characteristics. The integration of thermal solar energy via the two very large dimensioned oval solar heat exchanger provides for a heat transmission that optimizes the efficiency factor of the solar panels. Established systems are combined in a smart way. The hygienic stratification buffer tank HSK-SLS is therefore the perfect heat center for new buildings, as well as for renovations of old buildings. The high DHW output qualifies the tank for the application in single family as well as in multifamily houses. An intelligent hydraulic connection of several hygienic stratification buffer tanks HSK-SLS even enable the application in large scale plants as well as housing blocks, hotels and diverse industrial objects. In the hygienic stratification buffer tank HSK-SLS our established Solarbayer‐specific HSK system is combined with the patented stratification system SLS®. Take advantage of these benefits versatile connection possibilities perfect heat stratification due to the patented stratification system SLS® insulation thickness 100 mm, available either as fleece ISO-B1 or flexible foam insulation high quality steel S235JR large dimensioned solar oval tube exchanger, top and bottom legionella-safe hygienic DHW preparation stainless steel corrugated hose 1.4404 with DVGW authorization high tap hot water output installation of an electric heating element possible

Product features

nominal capacity L 492
height with insulation [A] mm 1720
height without insulation [B] mm 1645
tilted height mm 1700
diameter with insulation [C] mm 850
diameter without insulation [D] mm 650
insulation thickness mm 100
weight approx. kg 158
max. operating temperature buffer tank °C 95
max. operating pressure buffer tank bar 6
max. size of electric heating element (optional) kW 4,5
[12] flow boiler/heating (Rp 1 ½″) mm 900
[13] flow solar bottom (Rp 1″) mm 800
[14] return boiler/heating (Rp 1 ½″) mm 670
[17] solar sensor bottom (Rp ½″) mm 440
[18] return solar bottom (Rp 1″) mm 340
[19] cold water inlet (Rp 1 ¼″) mm 240
[20] return boiler/heating (Rp 1 ½″, Rp 2″ *) mm 150
[21] return boiler/heating (Rp 1 ½″, Rp 2″ *)
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