Hela Bread topping Hot Fire Tabasco®

Oil-based seasoning marinades to spread on bread and pastries


Hela bread topping Hot Fire Tabasco®, spicy, hot, slightly acidin in 5 kg bucket. Especially for bakery products we have developed further liquid seasonings for you. We distinguish between bread marinades and bread toppings. Bread marinades: Water-based seasoning marinades for coating bread and biscuits. Also ideal for working into doughs, as salt is reduced. Bread toppings: Oil-based seasoning marinades for coating bread and biscuits. In the field of high-quality dry seasonings, we offer several hundred different mixtures for food producers from all sectors. Always on the lookout for new trends, we have collected a lot for you in our more than 100-year company history. E-mail: info@hela.eu Phone: +49 4102 496-0 Internet: www.hela.eu

Bread, cakes and pastries
  • bakery
  • topping
  • spicy

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