Well known for their civil and military operations, helicopters are the «top of the range option in disaster recovery situations. In case of an industrial emergency, this helicopter freight charter option allows you to reach point A to point B in the fastest possible time. No traffic jam, icy roads or strike obstruction anymore – Fly over it! This solution offered a Door to Door solution to emergency shipments in a range of 600-700km from Pick-up Point / Payload 200-500kg. Advice : for bigger distances or payload, check the Dedicated Air Charter Solution. 1 hour : Le Mans Tours Caen Le Havre 2 hours : Poitier Nancy Luxembourg (Lux) Brighton (South UK) 2 to 3 hours : London (UK) Amsterdam Lausanne (Switzerland) Frankfurt (Germany) Dortmund (Germany) Milan (Italy) Birmingham (Uk)

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