Helisorb Particles - BIO-ABSORBABLE FISH COLLAGEN PATCH are lyophilized Type I intact collagen consisting of sterilized fish collagen particles. The increased surface area of Helisorb Particles means they are the most active form of collagen based wound management products. It possesses high absorbing characteristics (it can absorb up to 20 times its weight in exudates) and decreases pH, exudates, inflammation and swelling. It contributes actively to the complex cellular activities involved in wound healing, it is a strong catalyst for the normal wound healing process because it promotes regeneration of granulation tissue, and its use drastically reduces ulcer healing time. Helisorb Particles can be applied once every 1 to 3 days, can be used in combination with a modern dressing patch in hollow wounds, moist or dry infected wounds, in moderately to highly exuding wounds, as well as in chronic or non-healing ulcers, i.e. diabetic ulcers, arterial, venous and pressure ulcers.

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