Heller Uni-pro 90

HELLER uni-Pro 90


HELLER uniPro 90 Machine tools manufactured by HELLER are used around the world in the machining sector. Many of the older processing centres are using the "uniPro 90" controller for which we offer completely reconditioning repairs across the entire product range. In addition we are selling new, replacement and exchange parts. We are also able to test these HELLER controllers on our internally developed test stand and guarantee full functionality following repair. By using original components for every repair, we can also offer you an 24month warranty* on the complete assembly. The product portfolio for the HELLER uniPro 90 product range currently consists of inputs and outputs, plugin cards from the ACPU90 range, control panels, system cards and power modules.

Automation - systems and equipment
  • Heller
  • Uni-pro 90
  • Power Modules

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