KEO's herbal henna powder contains pure henna, amla shikakai, aritha and other natural herbs utilised for hair conditioning. The regular use of our herbal henna powder donates power and shine to the hair giving it a bouncy gaze. The medicinal features of our age vintage Indian herbs take care of all the scalp disorders. Our herbal henna powder is made of 100% natural henna and herbs and due to that it is considered as a hair vitalizer, encouraging the growth of the hair. Benefits 1. It is completely free of chemicals and herbal founded product in which all beneficial herbs necessary for the development and beauty of your hair are used. 2. It includes all the natural herbs in a proportionate kind giving best outcomes in terms of tinting and conditioning the hair. So, you don’t need to add any thing additional to advantage your hair. 3. Our herbal henna dust encompasses all the herbs essential to give shine and rebound to your hair.

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