Herschel Pulsar: Heating for Public places

Zero-light far infrared heater for difficult-to-heat public places


The Pulsar is a ceiling-mounted infrared heater designed for high ceiling installations / large spaces in constant use. Its striking appearance and heat efficiency make Pulsar ideal for heating public spaces in commercial areas, shops, showrooms, sports facilities and public halls where it will be in the public eye. As there are no exhaust emissions there is no requirement for planning; They operate silently and without fumes – consequently raising no health and safety issues; Installation is much cheaper than oil or gas alternatives – all you require is electric cable; No maintenance. You do not have to maintain an infrared heater once installed; You can “focus” the heat exactly to where you want it – because there is no convection of heat, none is wasted blowing into areas it is not wanted; Far Infrared has been shown to have positive effects on metabolism, being the waveband at which water (80% constituent of skin) most effectively absorbs heat.

Unit heaters
  • ceiling-mounted radiant panels
  • Electric heaters for industry
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