HEXAGONAL WIRE NETTING MACHINES (a) Hexagonal Wire Netting Making Machine (b) Bobbin Winding Machine (c) Spiral Winding Machine OPERATIONS Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine has a circular pinion holder on the front and rear of the machine. The wires which are fed from the bobbins and also from the spiral coil (prepared in spiral coiling machine) placed on the front and rear rack of the machine produces the netting. The net is pulled out by the take-up roller with stands on the surface of the machine and wound automatically on the winding roller. When the length of netting reaches the predetermined length, the same is cut and removed from the roller. The complete operation is then repeated.

Mosquito nets for windows
  • pressed wire-netting
  • Hexagonal Wire Netting Making Machine Manufacturer and Exporter India
  • expanded hexagonal mesh metal

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