Problem Definition and Solution The dimensions or even the complete cross-section of profiles and pipes made of metal, plastics or rubber must be continuously measured and monitored in the manufacturing process. The PROFILEMASTER ® systems from Zumbach represent an accurate and economical solution to the problem. One or up to six laser / camera modules measure the cross-section of the moving profile. A powerful PC based processor adds the partial pictures of the cameras made up of straight lines and radii together to yield the momentary cross-section of the profile. All relevant dimensions such as width, height, angle and radii are added together to form the full cross-sectional picture. The nominal values for the profile can be directly imported from the CAD construction (as DXF file) which allows easy and problem free programming. Changes in speed and twist within normal limits have no affect on the measurement. Customer Benefits Improved process control and CpK Scrap reduction...

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