High Efficientt Electronic Shredder Recycling Plant We firstly design and produce E-waste recycling line is in 2010 years for one customer from south africa who recycling E waste ,the first E-waste recycling line designed simple( feeding in conveyor+shredder+ feeding out conveyor and magnetic separator) we improved the this recycling line in 201 2 years for one malaysia customer. the output from this line is 500-800kgs per hour . the happy customer share many production experience with us along with many good photos and videos. we improved our line again from this customer.After 7 years,we produced the most successful E-waste recycling line for e waste ,the metal and plastic separation rate is 99% Complete Line Photos Equipments Combination Machines List (1) Feeding In Conveyor (2) Two Shafts Shredder (3) Vibrating Device (4) Feeding Out Conveyor (5) Drum Separator (6) Conveyor ( Feeding For Shredder) (7) Magnetic Separator (7) End Product Feeding out conveyor( Plastic)

Granulation, plastics - machinery
  • electronic shredder
  • Computer components (processors, RAM, hard drives)
  • plasic crusher

Product features

maximum gross weight 5 tons
motor power 22 kw
Capacity 3 tons per hour
Hopper Open 780*630 mm
Raw Material Computer Board
Blade Width 20 mm
Certification CE BV SGS
Production name High Efficient Electronic Shredder Recycling Plant

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Electronic Shredder Recycling Plant work video

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