Kato Engineering offers a complete line of high frequency (400 Hz) generators. These units provide economical power for grounded aircraft's navigational equipment, ground power and military support products. Voltage range: 115/200, 120/208, 240/416 Phase: 3 Power factor: 0.8 Pole RPM kVA 26 1846 up to 312.5 24 2000 up to 156 20 2400 up to 156 Other ratings are available upon request. Exciter: Brushless rotating type Enclosure: Open dripproof Bearings: Double shielded re-greaseable ball type Driver adaptation: All units are available in a two-bearing design. Typically, units rated 100 kW and lower with 26 or fewer poles can be supplied in a single-bearing design for direct connection to the SAE engine drive arrangements. Rotor and stator insulation: Class F or Class H with resin vacuum-pressure impregnated (VPI) Efficiency: 82% to 94% depending upon kW rating Standards & certifications available Click here for more construction features. To find out more on our high frequency generators, please contact us at: or 507-625-4011 Connect With Kato Engineering Downloads

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