Description whatsapp008613813644211 High Performance Scrap Cable Recycling Plant ENERPAT's high performance cable recycling plants are specifically designed and manufactured systems for higher volume processing of cables. The functions of these systems include pre-shredding, steel removal, granulation and separation of plastics from copper or aluminum. The advanced design of these plants results in excellent separation of the different fractions, even when processing mixed cables of varying size and composition Plant Photos Plant Layout Drawing A typical High Performance Cable Recycling System would include the following components -Infeed Conveyor Belt – controlled feeding of the cables in bulk to the system -Pre-shredder – shreds the cables into manageable pieces and liberates steel (armoured sheathing) from the cables -Conveyor belt – transports the cable pieces between equipment -Overbelt magnet – separates the liberated steel from the cable pieces

Industrial waste management
  • single shaft shredder
  • scrap cable shredder
  • scrap wire recycling

Product features

maximum gross weight 5 tons
motor power 18.5 kw
Capacity 1 tons per hour
production name High Performance Cable Recycling Plant

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Cable Shredder,Unshark Single Shaft Shredder video

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