HPC-40 is a roller rod chain with clearly dened characteristics developed with regard to modern mechatronic monitoring systems - created to enable reliable performance monitoring. Modern, computer-aided, reproducible manufacturing processes enable a more precise assembly of the individual components thus extending their service lives signicantly. Sensors monitor the wear thus contributing to an extended overall service life od HPC-40. For HPC-40, it was possible to extend the breaking load by 30 % and the fatigue strength by 40 %, as we were able to eliminate the risk of fatigue factors. Existing plants can, of course, be retrotted with the new HPC-40. HPC-40 helps fully utilise the features and functions of a modern ContiRoll® in a fast continuous operation

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Wood Contiroll
  • Siempelkamp Chain Hpc-40
  • Siempelkamp
  • Siempelkamp Press Machine
  • roller rod chain
  • HPC-40


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