High Power LED Spots

High Power LED Spots for Machine Vision


LUMIMAX® LED Spot Lights are very compact and powerful. They are characterised by an extremely high light intensity. Because of various available and adjustable optics with their very homogeneous light, LED Spot Lights can illuminate very small surfaces directly and focused. Their compact design allows an optional arrangement around the testing object. The High Power LED Spots are available for either continuous operation or flash operation. TThe built in precision lens of the Spot5W enables a very focussed, selective and high-intensity illumination, even at working distances larger than one meter.

Lighting, street, industrial and commercial
  • led spots
  • high power spots
  • spot light for machine vision

Product features

Operation mode Continuous/ switching or Flash
Illumination colour White, Red, Infrared, Blue, Green, UV
Protection class IP40 or IP67

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Video on the principle of operation - High Power LED Spot

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