Bafflesorba ecopaint are Class A high performance baffles used to absorb noise in buildings. Bafflesorba are particularly useful in situations where the roof space needs to support various services or it is important to allow natural light. Not only are excellent acoustic results achieved in this way, but aesthetically innovative solutions are created. Typical uses are in schools, leisure centres, exhibition areas, offices, factories, studios and other internal building areas. The standard Bafflesorba ecopaint surface finish comes in white RAL 9016. However, they can be emulsion spray painted on site to any colour with little significant effect on acoustical performance. The panels can be painted for aesthetic reasons or even in the future to cover dirty marks. Acoustic Performance Class A absorbers Sound absorption coefficients. Installation Using Suspension Wires Clean white gloves must be used when handling to avoid marking the baffles. Install the first baffle and check that...

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