High precision pressure transducer - 8201H

Relative- Absolute pressure transducer, membrane, analog, Compact, accurate,


High-precision pressure sensors from the 8201 series provide exact measurements while exhibiting very little sensitivity to mechanical stresses. Their application therefore goes well beyond research and development laboratories. They are also outstandingly suited to industrial use in quality assurance or for measurement and control tasks in production. Their robust mechanical and electrical construction guarantees good long-term stability and high reliability, while being resistant to aggressive media – which can be measured in liquid or gaseous states. Aeras of application are: —Research and developmemt —Test rigs —Mechanical engineering —Plant control and monitoring Specific characteristics: —Suitable for liquid and gaseous media —Can be used for dynamic and static measurements —Made of stainless steel, reliable and sturdy —Standardized sensitivity to 1.0 mV/V —USB interface with up to 2500 measurements/s

  • sensor
  • pressure sensor
  • relative pressure transducer

Product features

Measuring range 0 ... 500 bar
Kind of measurement Against atmospheric pressure
Signal output 0 … 5 V / 0 … 20 mA / 4 … 20 mA
Range of operating temperature -30 ... +120 °C
Burst pressure/ -protection > 100 % over capacity
Dead volume 5.8 cm³

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