High pressure Pumps


High Pressure Metering Pump, DMP is applied DUT KOREA’s innovative technology with perfect compati-bility from previous models and stable shipment gives you to help building your polyurethane machine on time. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information Compatibility ‘DMP’ gives you perfect compatibility with your previous models. Light weight Using ‘Duralumin’ case and Simplification of parts inside of ‘DMP’ make amazing lightweight to help metering for operators Maintenance Simplification of ‘DMP’ gives operators to help easy maintenance and repair. Economical Price ■ To prevent flowing backward, it is controlled by actuator (Not by Hydraulic) ■ Semi-permanent product life by super-precision machine ■ High metering accuracy and repeatability ■ Operating pressure up to 220bar ■ Very little pulsation of flow ■ Quite operation ■ Optimum volumetric available ■ Low suction pressure, even when pumping highly viscosity materials ■ It can be used all parts together with Rexroth...

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