UniTwist heat-exchangers are particularly suited to the demands of food, pharmaceutical and industries where absolute cleanliness is paramount. In extra demanding situations a UniScrape, self-cleaning version can also be supplied. Semi-fluids, pulps, liquids with particulate or sediment content and fibrous mass can be processed. The concentric tube system can be supplied in a variety of smooth, hard or dimpled finishes, depending on the process requirements. UniTwist can be designed to fit in confined and restrained areas, the ability to produce a coiled heat-exchanger is particularly appropriate for fitment around existing tanks. A variety of fixtures, fittings and connections are available depending on the requirements.

Product features

- hygienic design
- high heat transfer coefficient
- high range of pressure variants
- suitable for high viscosity materials
- versions for varying space requirements
- construction for individual applications
- suitable for liquids containing solid matter
- usable in temperatures -200 °C to 600 °C
- design as required
- pressure drop as required
- good self-cleaning, due to high media velocities
- good performance for gas, steam or fluid
- use as heat-exchanger, condenser or evaporator
- low product flow times for sensitive products

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