For the condensation of refrigerants in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. The condensers are suitable for outdoor installation and can be installed in residential and industrial areas according to the sound pressure levels. There is a selection of over 1,500 models with four different sound pressure levels and construction sizes, depending on the application. The condensers, available in stainless steel/aluminium, are suitable for refrigerants (Frigene) and ammonia (NH3), depending on application.

Product features

- 1,584 variants CAV/H, Storage & NAV/H models
- capacity 2 to 5,000 kW per unit
- fan size up to 1,250mm
- horizontal or vertical airflow
- Eurovent certified
- compact design
- 768 variants GAV Industrial model
- up to 14 single or dual-speed fans
- sound classes N,L,S & E (LpA 28 to 73 dBA 5m)
- weather & UV resistant coatings
- pressure rating for vacuum to 16 bar
- effective fin separation

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