The UniWeld combines the advantages of conventional shell and tube heat-exchangers with spiral and plate heat-exchangers due to its design and construction. This mixed construction is based on the design of the heat-transfer channels, which are on one side in the tube design and on the other side in a plate heat-exchanger. UniWeld Hybrid exchangers utilise in this way the advantage of tubular heat-exchangers (high temperature, pressure resistant and solid construction) and plate heat-exchangers (high heat transfer, minimal space and low logarithmic temperature difference) in a compact system. Other advantage compared with gasketed plate heat-exchangers is the safe splitting of the 2 media at pressures up to 80 bar and between -200°C and +900°C.

Product features

- pressure from vacuum up to 80 bar
- high heat transfer coefficient
- compact design
- plate thickness 0.4 mm to 1.0 mm
- low pressure drop
- heat transfer surfaces 2-10,000 m²
- construction for individual applications
- low logarithmic temperature differences
- covers can be flanged or welded
- usable in temperatures -200 °C to 900 °C
- possible heat-transfer area 250 m²/m³
- low weight compared to tubular heat-exchangers
- all weldable and pressable materials can be used
- good self-cleaning, due to high media velocities
- good performance for gas, steam or fluid
- use as heat-exchanger, condenser or evaporator
- low product flow times for sensitive products
- fully welded construction without gaskets

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