High performance plate type heat-exchangers consist of a number of formed, sealable heat-exchange plates according to the respective requirements. The alternating pressed plates and channel spacing cause highly turbulent flow behaviour, optimal self cleaning effect and highest possible heat transfer. Use of high-grade materials such as titanium, titanium palladium, highly alloyed steels and even a UniCarb carbon/graphite version help ensure UniGasket heat-exchangers are extremely economical compared to other heat-exchanger types. The plates are clamped to a rack between frame plate and pressure plate by means of clamping bolts.

Product features

- pressure from vacuum up to 25 bar
- high heat transfer coefficient
- compact design
- selectable pressure drop
- heat transfer surfaces 0.8 - 600m²
- suitable for wide range of fluids
- construction for individual applications
- plate thickness 0.4 - 0.9mm
- usable in temperatures -20 °C to 155 °C
- low logarithmic temperature differences
- low weight compared to tubular heat-exchangers
- good self-cleaning, due to high media velocities
- suitable for parallel use
- wide range of fittings
- use as heat-exchanger, condenser or evaporator
- wide range of construction materials

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