FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE PLATINUM - high-quality motor oils that provide reliable engine protection over the entire service life under normal loads and operating conditions. Designed for year-round use, including in regions with a sharp continental climate, in gasoline and diesel engines of cars, in including turbocharging. The oils of the FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE Platinum series are made on the basis of a mixture of perfect synthetic base OIL - polyalphaolefin - with a progressive package of functional additives. ADVANTAGES The oils of the FORSAGE MOTOR FORCE PLATINUM series have the following advantages: •Effectively protect the engine in the most severe operating conditions due to the balanced composition of the additive package and synthetic base with excellent detergent properties •Increased engine cleanliness and durability of the lubricating film of the required thickness in all friction units, including the most loaded •Easy and quick engine start at low ambient temperatures

Lubricants for cars
  • Fully Synthetic Motor oil
  • multigrade
  • Lubricants, industrial

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