High-Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump K11000-3G

Intermittent cleaning, process engineering, but also continuous cleaning
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With 110 kW, the K11000-3G high-pressure pump is a powerful plunger pump that is mostly used in intermittent operation. The reason for this is that this KAMAT high pressure pump has splash lubrication and not oil pressure lubrication. This makes the pump more suitable for intermittent operation, but it is extremely robust and can therefore be used in continuous operation even at 110 kW. Classic applications for this pump are industrial cleaning, blasting and process engineering. SPECIAL FEATURES - Capacity data at 100% volumetric efficiency and 20°C ambient temperature - Minimum inlet pressures depending on pumped liquid - Speed range 10-100% depending on rod force - Dynamically balanced gearbox - Splash lubricated gearbox - Standard gear ratios i = 3,00 - 3,14 - 3,39 - 3,76 - 4,13 - 4,50 - 4,93 - Also available to API 674 - Special fluids such as seawater, glycol, methanol, oils etc. on request, oils etc. on request

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Product characteristics

2760 bar
454 l/min
Power input
110 kW
425 kg


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58454 Witten - Germany