The high-rack store is primarily for linking board production with the downstream processing systems. Formatted raw-board stacks from board production and boards with papers for board lamination are stored intermediately in the high-rack store and delivered to the downstream systems as required. The high-rack store may be installed separately or combined with complete transport systems for connection to the production systems. Tailored to customer requirements, the high-rack store is designed with all the components needed for storage / removal and connection to the production facilities. Our goal: to achieve the best product in all forms through the optimum use of resources! The machines used are tailored in the best way possible to the products, the required capacity and interactions. It is possible to take account of extension stages from the start. Advantages Optimum use of space Safe and gentle material transport

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • High-Rack Siempelkamp
  • Siempelkamp
  • High Rack Store
  • Contiroll
  • Optimum use of space


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