High-Speed Valve Seat Grinding Machine - VSA
High-speed grinding machine for flat sealing and tapered sealing seats - VSA  - EFCO MASCHINENBAU GMBH


The design of the machine permits the exchange of guide and drive shaft to allow mounting of shafts with various length. The machine is mounted using tension bolt and set screws. Machine is designed for reconditioning flat seat as well as tapered seats of 30° (2x15°), 60° (2x30°) and 90°(2x45°) and cones. For further seat angles, an adjustable angle holder is optionally available. Operating range: DN 50 - 400 mm Immersion depth: 650 mm (26”) Clamping range: ø290 – 600 mm Drive motors: air motor (5-7 bar) Feed: manual or automatic

Portable power sanders
  • valve grinding

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