The new Blue Laser technology enables absolute precision sensing and reliable measurement results on red-hot glowing metals and glowing silicon. The blue-violet laser offers decisive advantages. The blue laser helps to achieve high precision for measurements on organic materials, such as veneers, wood or skin. The short wavelength blue-violet laser prevents light from penetrating the measurement object, and the light is much more stable. The high quality optoNCDT 2300BL series operates at a measurement rate up to 49kHz and is therefore ideally suited to precise measurements of fast moving objects. As the controller is integrated into the sensor housing, the sensor is suitable for mounting in restricted spaces. The system is operated via a web interface that is addressed via an Ethernet interface. This web interface allows making settings for the processing of measured values and signals, e.g. peak selection, filter and masking features for the video signal.

  • displacement sensor
  • laser sensor
  • distance sensor

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