Highly flexible couplings



The highly torsionally flexible ACRUSAFLEX-VSK coupling is used in a drive train when a large shaft displacement or an extended distance between the drive and the driven components must be compensated. Depending on the arrangement of the drive train components, a non-uniform motion of the speed may result, and since cardan shafts exhibit some torsion flexibility, the mass of the prime mover and driven machine may induce a resonant system. Advantages of the highly tosrionally flexible ARCUSAFLEX-VSK couplings: Linear torsional deflection characteristic Elements available in different torsional stiffnesses Enhanced damping capacity through frictional damping Available in 9 sizes: from 390 Nm to 20.000 Nm Maintenance-free coupling bearings Radial bearing close to the cardan joint •A variety of designs for different cardan shaft configurations •Many types with SAE connection dimensions or as specified •Compact construction, the highly flexible element being protected by the...

Product features

Product type Highly torsionally flexible coupling for drive shafts
Torque range 390 Nm - 20 000 Nm
Temperature range -40 °C - 80 °C

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