Hydraulic oils: mineral and/or synthetic-based pressure fluids Engine oils: All-season engine oils of widest variety of viscosity classes lead to fuel savings, longer oil durability and lower wear. Gas engine oils: enable extended oil change intervals and are suitable for use in stationary installations. Transmission oils/axles: Mineral and synthetic transmission oils are characterized by exceptional efficiency in all transmission types. Radiator protection media: Radiator antifreeze provides a long-lasting cooling performance in all cooling systems and protects against corrosion in the cooling circuit. Multi-purpose oils (UTTO): base oils and state-of-the-art additives guarantee exceptional wear protection and high stability under shear loads, as well as good responsiveness of the hydraulic system, even at low outside temperatures. Greases: Synthetic, high-performance lubricating greases as well as soap-free and metal soap-free greases of varying NLGl classes

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