The major advantages of combistream: // Automatic chip removal through advanced conveying technology // Filtration improves the cooling lubricant’s quality and increases its service life // High quantity of cooling lubricant (larger machine tank plus clean liquid tank): temperature stability // Up to 5-digit cost reduction // Variable capacity pump technology: Energy efficiency, less heat intake, temperature stability // Improved quality plus increased // Perfect space factor in manufacturing // Improved tool durability // In-house deep hole drilling

Product features

For machine types: Star SR20-J Star SR20-RIII
Medium // Emulsion // Cutting oil
Chip conveying technology Optional // Hinged belt conveyor // Scraping conveyor
Medium pumping capacity high-pressure // 20 l/min at up to 100 bar
High-pressure technology // Constant pump (gear pump)
Pumping capacity low-pressure Remains on the machine
Machine tank connection (supply of low-pressure system) // Additional tank connected via tank overflow // Wire mesh chip collector at he end of conveyor dra
Clean liquid tank filtration (supply of high-pressure system) // No clean liquid tank // Fine filter 60-40 μm for high-pressure pump
Switchable outlets 1-4
Discharge height chip conveyor // Standard parts: 1.000 mm // Long parts: 700 mm
Tank capacity // Machine tank: approx. 120 l // Additional tank: approx. 100 l // Total: approx. 220 l
Control system Integrated
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