GMN high-speed spindles of the HS, HSX, HV-X and UHS series are irreplaceable for grinding work. Whether you must work with holes or frames, with these spindles you always make the right choice. The HV-X and HV-P series are optionally available with a rotational angle sensor, and therefore outstandingly suitable for 4Q operation. The types in the HV-P, HSP and HSP..g series are equipped with an HSK-C holder and furthermore suited for milling and drilling applications. GMN high-speed spindles of the HC, HCS, UHS, HCT series are an essential component of highly-effective machining of various materials. Whether aluminum, steel or titanium, these spindles are optimally designed for all machining tasks which require performance, torque and speed. Using an oil-air or grease permanent lubrication, the spindle bearings operate in a secure fashion.

  • High-speed motor spindles
  • Motor spindles
  • Machine spindles


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