High-temperature Pumps



Modern petrochemical and gas industries typically use horizontal centrifugal canned pump units with magnetic couplings similar to Villina-GNGC type pumps. They are designed for transiting neutral, corrosive, toxic, as well as explosive and flammable liquids in stationary conditions, the vapors of which can form explosive mixtures with air. Magnetic coupling pumps combine complete tightness, smooth operation, long service life and high maintainability. A sub-type of horizontal pumping units are high-temperature pumps Temperature of the pumped fluid: -50°C to +420°C; viscosity up to 26 cSt; density 2,000 kg/m3 maximum; mass concentration of solid non-abrasive inclusions up to 0.2%; size 0.2 mm maximum Permanent magnets (SmCo) with an operating temperature of up to 450°C are used for operation in these temperature conditions. The pump, a part of the pumping unit, is a single-stage or multi-stage horizontal centrifugal section-type

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