The TrueData X-HVE HV emulators of FuelCon reproduce the behavior of electrical energy storage in a functionally and electrically way. They work with excellent accuracy at high system dynamics and allow the emulation of: • Batteries, battery modules, battery packs and battery systems • Fuel cells, fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems • High-voltage electrical systems in vehicles • 48 V electrical systems in vehicles • Energy networks With a single unit voltages up to 1,000 V, currents up to 1,200 A, and outputs up to 600 kW can be covered. Parallel alignment enables higher currents and power. The stored simulation models allow the emulation of real batteries. Furthermore, own, discrete-time, continuous-time or hybrid Simulink and Stateflow models can be processed.

Energy sources, alternative - equipment and systems
  • Test Equipment
  • Fuel Cell
  • Battery

Product features

Overall efficiency >=96 %
THD 3.3 %
Noise <=70 dB(A) at 1 m

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