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1300 Series Hinge

19.54$ HT


Stock continuous Hinges THE LARGEST INVENTORY OF STANDARD CONTINUOUS PIANO HINGES ANYWHERE At the S & S Hinge Company, we guarantee 100% defect-free parts because we manufacture our hinges under an auditable and fully traceable certified Total Quality Management program. The S & S Hinge Production Tolerances Diagram illustrates our standard production tolerances. Hinges manufacturer since 1932. -Stainless steel hinges -Plain steel hinges

  • Hinges Series
  • Pin Hinge
  • Knuckle Hinges

Product features

Thickness in .070in
Thickness mm 1.78mm
Pin Diameter in .250in
Pin Diameter mm 6.35mm
Knuckle Length in 1in
Knuckle Length mm 25.40mm

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