Hobbock emptying system ViscoMT-XS

Tank emptying / valve-free pump system


The ViscoMT-XS hobbock emptying system offers a modern way of emptying containers.The following advantages result from the use of eccentric screw pumps for the removal of the medium: - container sizes from approx. 5 l to 50 l - viscosities of approx. 80,000 - 2,000,000 mPas - very low shear stress of the medium - very low pressure load of the medium (max. 18 bar) - Removal of media loaded with fillers - no backflow within the sampling pump - electrical control of the pump with pressure control - valve-free pump system - no material pressure reducer necessary due to electronic pressure adjustment - very good residual emptying (less than 1% residue) - electronic "empty" and "almost empty" message Application: - Removal of media directly from the delivery container, e.g. silicones, adhesives, resins, greases, colour pastes, metal-filled pastes (Cu and Ni solder pastes, Al and Ag pastes) - supply of media to dispensers - direct dosing as pulsation-free flow rate

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