Honey dessert

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Natural product without sugar, preserving agents or stabilizers. The Honey Tricolor dessert is the one and only! We developed a completely new unique product. This is a bright honey mousse inspired by the flag of the Russian Federation. We can also produce the one in the style of any country’s flag. Ingredients: floral honey, cranberries, cedar gum, blue juniper berries, blue spirulina extract. The dessert is based on natural floral honey. To get the blue shade the blue spirulina extract is used. To get the red shade of the flag the sublimation-dried cranberries are used. All ingredients are natural and no sugar is added, which makes our product healthy, delicious and very beautiful. Storage conditions: at the temperature from 0C to +25C; keep away from direct sunlight. After opening its shelf life is 6 months at most, but not more than shelf life from the manufacturing date.

  • bee products
  • healthy and natural food
  • Vegetarian food

Product features

Gross weight 528 g
Net weight 300 g

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Manufacturer and supplier of natural products

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