-Power supply:2*AAA(1.5V) -Temperature measurement range:0°C-40°C(32°F - 104°F) -Temperature measurement precision:±0.5°C(2°F) -Temperature measurement accuracy:0.1°C(1°F) -Using the temperature range:0°C -40°C(32°F-90°F) -Keep the temperature:0°C -50°C(32°F-122°F)

Beekeeping - machinery and equipment
  • Honey Refractometer
  • Bee Honey refractometers
  • Digital honey Refractometer

Product features

Power supply 2*AAA(1.5V)
Temperature measurement range 0°C-40°C(32°F - 104°F)
Temperature measurement precision ±0.5°C(2°F)
Temperature measurement accuracy 0.1°C(1°F)
Using the temperature range 0°C -40°C(32°F-90°F)
Keep the temperature 0°C -50°C(32°F-122°F)

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