Natural Adygei honey


Combines the fragrance of the bouquet of all flowers, unique, very delicious and healthful. The healthiness of honey has been known since the ancient times. Today it is widely used in cooking, folk medicine and cosmetology. Caucasian Biosphere Reserve is located in the settlement of Guzeripl on the right bank of the Belaya River. The territories of Caucasian Biosphere Reserve are located within three subjects of the country, one of which is the Republic of Adygea. The flora of the reserve includes 3,000 registered species, more than half of which are vascular plants. The nectar of melliferous flora collected in the environmentally pristine districts of Adygea makes it unique, and the bees delightedly ferment this nectar balm into honey. Adygei honey appeared this way.

  • Dietary and organic foods
  • high mountain honey
  • honey and derivatives

Product features

packed in glassware of 0.33 kg volume
in one package 12 pcs.

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