Lime tree honey


Lime tree honey is the most valuable and one of the most consumed beekeeping products. It has unique smell and taste. Also due to containing more than 400 useful substances it benefits the organism and positively influences the human health; it is unique, very delicious and healthful. The healthiness of honey has been known since the ancient times. Lime tree honey is a monofloral kind, which means that it is collected by the bees only from the plants of the same species. Such kinds are the most appreciated; they are stored excellently (practically forever). The fragrant smell and delicate taste of the lime tree honey are inimitable, they cannot be confused with any else. The nectar of melliferous flora collected in the environmentally pristine districts of Adygea makes it unique, and the bees delightedly ferment this nectar balm into honey.

  • Lime tree honey
  • linden honey
  • honey and propolis

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Packaging packed in glassware of 0.33 kg volume; 12 pcs. in one package

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