“Sila meda+” “Sila meda+” honey with propolis


Propolis (beehive product) and the honey nectars of the Caucasian reserve collected together make the unique “SILA MEDA+” product When combined with propolis, honey transforms into the vitamin and mineral concentrate of more than 250 elements. The healing properties of honey are well-known, but they can be improved even more by adding propolis. As a result, the remedy with strengthening, anti-cold and antibacterial, as well as disinfecting, effects is formed. “Sila meda+” is the mix of natural beekeeping products. It is the food product with toning and energizing effect. It is recommended as a restorative. The natural beekeeping products collected in the environmentally pristine district of Adygea and the honey secrets of the Caucasian reserve collected together make “SILA MEDA+”

  • honey and propolis
  • bee products

Product features

Packaging packed in glassware of 0.33 kg volume; 12 pcs. in one package

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