Sunflower honey


The healthiness of honey has been known since the ancient times. Sunflower honey is one of the cheapest types of the natural morsel. The reasonable price is related to the specific feature of the product, which is quick crystallization. It stays liquid only around 20 days; then white crust appears on its surface and the honey becomes similar to melted butter. After a while it becomes solid, but melts easily in the mouth. Quick crystallization is due to the great contents of glucose. Sunflower honey is the record holder regarding the content of this carbohydrate. And though the product loses its marketable condition (not everybody wants to buy the crystallized honey), its healthful properties are invaluable. The nectar of melliferous flora collected in the environmentally pristine districts of Adygea makes it unique, and the bees delightedly ferment this nectar balm into honey.

  • sunflower honey
  • bee products
  • production of swarms

Product features

Packaging packed in glassware of 0.33 kg volume; 12 pcs. in one package

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