Honeycomb Packing Paper


Honeycomb wrapping paper is an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. Thanks to the appropriate incisions, the paper, when stretched, creates a honeycomb structure that gives a 3D effect. It is very flexible, thanks to which it perfectly adapts to the shape of the products, providing them with even better protection during transport. It has a security feature and is very effective. Honeycomb wrapping paper also gives the effect of a stretch film when one stretched layer sticks to the other and does not unfold. Honeycomb wrapping paper is used for packaging cosmetics, glassware, haberdashery, candles, jars, wine bullets and other delicate items. We offer in rolls, thanks to which it allows for even easier confection and packaging. Paper rolls can come in a variety of widths and colors. Honeycomb wrapping paper is 100% recyclable. When packing in 3D paper, you don't need to use additional tapes.

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  • Honeycomb wrapping paper

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