Mainly three directions of action are characteristic to hops. First they boost the appetite with the tannins and bitter substances, they are calming in case nervous excitement, help in conditions of difficulty in falling asleep and mild depression and finally they stimulate the period. Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles, a holistic procedure passed on by Paracelsus. Supports/Is good for Nerves Stress Headaches Digestion Liver, kidney and gall bladder Depression Menstrual cycle fluctuations Area of use Nerves, digestive system. Emotional Analogy Gives strength and confidence to regenerate the body and progress in life with firm roots. Helps to admit one’s own mistakes and to forgive oneself. Removes prejudices and preconceived ideas, provides willingness to compromise. You will find yourself going back to your original sense of judgement. Herbal tinctures Recommended dose Take 14 drops 3 times daily with some fluid. Content: 100ml

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