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We understand that when it comes to quality, there is room for nothing less than excellence in the HORECA industry. That is why we wish to support you with a diverse range of HORECA furniture, made of highquality stainless steel, which successfully meets even the most demanding requirements. Manufactured exclusively from W1.4301 and W1.4404 stainless steel, our stainless steel industrial furniture is excellent for professional kitchens in the HORECA industry. The antiseptic properties of stainless steel and its long resistance to wear make the Profinox furniture range a perfect choice for any restaurant that values quality. Profinox specialists manufacture a large and diverse range of stainless steel HORECA furniture. In our portfolio, you will find all the products you need, from stainless steel tables and washing units to cabinets and storage racks or stainless steel carts.

Product information

Cylindrical / Square
Horizontal / Vertical
Material quality
max. 25,000 L