The core technology is a robust, water-cooled travelling column. With increasing depth of immersion into the material, the guide carriage distance grows and this leads to advanced rigidity. The stepped drive guide ensures a perfectly constant geometry along the Z axis. This in turn guarantees maximum rigidity in sensitive areas of the workpiece. Used in combination with the highly dynamic Zimmermann milling heads, the FZH400 ensures an extremely efficient milling process during the machining of aluminum and composites. The versatility of the M3ABC 3-axis milling head improves efficiency due to the maximized material removal rate, in particular when machining structural parts. An integral standard component of the FZH400 is its pallet handling capability with an area for setting up pallets during machine operation. The newly developed handling system permits the reliable transportation of the pallets, is suitable for longer pallet lengths, and can be extended without difficulty.

Machine tools - metal machining
  • fzh400
  • Horizontal Machining Center

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