Article number: 113496 Type number: SKS 247.1215 EAN code: 4047322273893 Hose coupling set, PUR, I.D. 7.6, Medium / ambient temperature -20 C to 60 C, Hose 12x8, PN max. 16 bar, Length 15 m. Straight polyurethane hose, completely assembled with DN 7.6 steel coupling and steel plugs. Coupling High-quality, one-hand quick disconnect coupling made of steel / nickel-plated brass for high flow rates, specially designed for all applications susceptible to severe mechanical wear. Strong, impact and vibration-resistant design for demanding environments. Polyurethane hose Extremely flexible hose with excellent kink resistance and insensitive to dirt. Combines high tear, tensile and impact strength with a long service life and optimal ageing qualities. This hose is additionally characterised by outstanding resistance to abrasion and resistance to UV. Not suitable for direct attachment to pulsating tools. We recommend using our vibration dampers, according to ISO 6150 7.1.

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
Hose size 12x8 mm
Material Polyurethane (PUR)
Max. ambient temperature 60 C
Max. medium temperature 60 C
Min. ambient temperature -20 C
Min. medium temperature -20 C
Operating pressure max. 16 bar
Service length max. 15 m

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