Hose reel, PU anti-spark., Hose- 9.5x13.5, Length 14 m

Hose reel for compressed air, anti-spark


Article number: 136360 Type number: 259/5130 EAN code: 4047322504287 Hose reel for compressed air, PU, anti-spark, Hose- 9.5x13.5, Length 14 m, Operating temp. -20 C to 60 C, PN max. 12 bar. For simple mounting on the wall or ceiling. Shock resistant, solid and closed housing made of POM, disposal/outflow R 1/4 AG and with light, heavy duty, oil resistant and spark erosion protected polyurethane hose. The hose is resistant to flying sparks and scorching, which can occur in the welding environment or with the use of cutting tools. Incl. 2 m supply hose.

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
Applications for compressed air
Hose length 14 m
Hose material braided, spark erosion protected polyurethane
Hose size 9.5x13.5 mm
Max. operating pressure 12 bar
Max. operating temperature 60 C
Min. operating temperature -20 C
Page No. HK654
Swivel angle 300

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