Sedir Automotive can supply following hoses varieties; "KRAFT" Hose Varieties "INTERCOOLER" Hoses "FILFLEX" R -2 AT Hydraulic Hose "FILFLEX" R -1 AT Hydraulic Hose "Çelik" Branded Spiral Hoses "Çelik" Branded Air Hoses Twin Welding Hose/twin oxygen gas hose/ acetylene hose Flexible Cable Protection Tube "SEL" Air Hoses "SEL" Compressed Air Hose (Black) "SEL" Heater Hoses (Rubber) "SEL" Knitted Hose (as meters) "SEL" Air Compressor Hoses "RAPRO" Fuel Hoses (with internal fabric) "RAPRO" Fuel Hoses (with external fabric) "R - 9" "HP FLEX" Hydraulic Pipes Polyamide Pipes Turbine Exhaust Hose Standard Type Clear Hoses Single Layer Teflon Hoses Polyurethane Hoses (Blue, yellow, clear, black) Knitted Clear Hoses Clear Plastic Vacuum Tubing (PVC) Clear Spiral Hoses Brake Pipes "SEL" THERMO Pulverisateur Hoses "SEL" Polyetilene Spiral Protector "SEL" KUKA Hose (Canalization) For more varieties please contact with us.

Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic
  • ECO Rubber Hoses
  • fuel hoses
  • hydraulic hoses

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