URM produces hoses and lines in synthetic rubber. Various Tubes and elbows on demand can also be produced. Synthetic rubber A few examples of synthetic rubber products produced by Universal Rubber: coiled tubing reinforced pipes (high-pressure resistance) elbows in silicone reinforced rubber elbows ... Reinforcements Versterkte bochten kunnen in diverse materialen worden geproduceerd en afgewerkt.] Reinforced elbows can be produced in diverse materials and finishes. Nomex ® Kevlar ® Rayon® polyester fiberglass steel wire ... Rubbercatalog D iscover the possibilities of Universal Rubber in the catalog Info, prizes and offers on rubber tubes / plastic hoses Do you have a specific question in regards to rubber hoses / tubes or Universal Rubber Manufacturing? More details about a specific material or in need of product specifications? Do you need some information about possibilities with reinforced rubber? Don't hesitate to contact URM for additional info, a price indication or...


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